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During COVID-19 

During COVID-19, we are working hard to respond and process all requests in a timely manner. Our service window is open from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday and Thursday and by appointment only. We are mainly operating remotely, and we would appreciate as much advance notice as possible on all inquiries. Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

Our Accounting Department is committed to providing excellent service in accordance with the University of Utah and Physics & Astronomy policies. We offer many services, such as hiring, payroll, order assistance, reimbursements, account inquiries, and financial reporting. 

Our best contact is through email at, and one of our staff will respond.


Accounting Personnel 

Marcia Cook-DeWolfe

Marcia Cook deWolfe
Accounting and Finance Manager 
Account management, budgeting, and  reporting


Joshua Tomlin

Joshua Tomlin 
Senior Accountant 
Account management, billing, backup payroll, and ordering 


Vicki Nelson

Vicki Nielsen 
Payroll and hiring 


Lena Utai

Lena Utai 
Accounting Specialist 
Ordering and Pcard management


We are located at:

203 James Fletcher Bldg.
115 S. 1400 E.
SLC, UT 84112-0830
Last Updated: 5/13/21