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Computing Services

The department has excellent in-house computing facilities supported by two staff members who work in conjunction with computing staff in the Mathematics and other campus resources and departments.

  • The department maintains several remotely accessible file servers and small UNIX compute servers.
  • Provides licensing for a wide variety of research- and education-oriented software, and e-mail services.
  • We provide desktop support to department members for Windows, MacOS, and UNIX.
  • A fiber-optic network connects our buildings and the rest of the campus with the Utah Educational Network and to the national Internet2 network.

For assistance with university computing needs see Getting Help

The Office of Software Licensing provides access to deeply discounted software packages, and several free software suites for students, faculty, and staff.

For help with Faculty pages on please, send an email to describing your request or problem.

The University's Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC) maintains state-of-the-art commodity clusters for high performance computing needs with expert consultants to assist campus users in high performance computing. Generally for a small fee.

Computing Personnel

Wayne Springer
Computing Committee Chair
216 SP
(801) 585-1390

Brad Hawks
Unix Systems Administrator
308 JFB
(801) 585-5801 

Responsibilities: All aspects of departmental IT; servers, networking, hardware, & software.

No Picture

Andy Lee
Computer Technician

307 JFB

Responsibilities: All departmental computers; desktops, laptops, software, hardware etc.


Minimum Requirements for Connecting a Computer to the Network

Computers that require a static IP will need to meet items 1-6

1) Only PROFESSIONAL versions of operating system are acceptable. NOT home versions.

2) They must have the latest service packs, security patches, and updates.

3) They must have Anti-virus software with up to date signatures.

4) They must have a firewall enabled.

5) They must use password protected logins.

6) Administrator account is for IT personnel exclusive use. Computers that do not require static IP (laptops, netbooks, tablets, etc) only need to meet steps 2-5

Last Updated: 3/1/21