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Vacation/Sick Messages: How To

Email Options

Forwarding and automated responses for vacation and sick leave


First, go to log in using your email username and password.

IMPORTANT! your browser may complain about this being an insecure web site, or that it has a bad certificate. Tell it to continue (Click on the below image to see how to do this in Firefox, Chrome, and IE).

Security Certificates

Click to enlarge Security Certificate instructions






Click on the "Options" menu item


Click on the "Autoresponder/Mail Forwarding" option



Make sure the “Forward incoming messages to address listed below” check box is selected (it will have a check mark in it) Enter e-mail address you want your messages to forward to

IMPORTANT! Do NOT check the “Keep copies of incoming messages in this account” check box unless you intend to check BOTH email accounts.

Click the "Submit" button



Check “Enable auto-reply to sender” check box

Type the body and subject of the e-mail you would like to send as an auto response.

Click “Submit” button

If you have problems, contact Brad Hawks at 801-585-5801 or email:

Last Updated: 3/19/20