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how to create and manage umail aliases and set up Forwarding

Creating a new UMail alias

The UMail system allows you to create email aliases that are more "Human Friendly" than one using your uNID. As an example, you can create an alias like and use it in addition to The new alias does not replace your original email address, it is just an additional email address that it connected to the same account.

Go to and log in with your uNID account. You will see what is shown below.

 new alias

Under UMail Account you will see your Primary email address and any aliases that you have already created. If you would like to create a new email address that uses your name instead of your uNID number you can do it under "Set New Alias". The alias has to be based on your name and should be something like You are not able to use numbers or symbols, but middle names, initials or nicknames may be allowed. You can enter what you want and click on Create New UMail Alias and find out if your choice is allowed. If you have a common name you may have to try different versions to find one that is both allowed and is not already in use. 

Once you have created a new alias you can choose to use it as your Primary (Reply-To) address by selecting "Make Reply-to" then clicking on "Change UMail Alias Information".

Setting up forwarding

This section will explain how to set up Forwarding incoming emails to a different email address.

new forwarding address creation

Go to and log in with your uNID account, then under "Forwarding" click on the Webtools link. On the left side click on "Mailbox Settings" then "Add Forwarding Address". This will get you to the section shown above. Enter the email address you want the emails forwarded to, then click on "Save".

If you have problems, please fill out a Helpdesk ticket at IT service/support request or you can call the Campus Help Desk at 801-581-4000.

Last Updated: 4/17/20