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Equity & Inclusion

The Department of Physics & Astronomy is committed to fostering academic excellence at all levels, producing outstanding science, and bringing the benefits of our science to the community in a climate that welcomes and values contributions from all. We embrace the evidence that a diverse scholarly community stimulates scientific innovation and educational excellence. 

 Diversity and Inclusion Page

To this end, the department is committed to improving equity and inclusiveness among our students, staff, and faculty by:

  • Providing an environment for all individuals, including those from underrepresented groups, to excel in their academic and professional development.
  • Providing a community in which all members (students, staff, and faculty) are expected to interact respectfully with each other and the public.
  • Increasing the diversity of our faculty, staff, and students by recruiting and retaining members of underrepresented groups, particularly those underrepresented in the department and in the physics and astronomy community nationwide.

A departmental Committee for Diversity and Inclusion oversees many of our efforts and reviews policies and procedures for inclusivity. The department sponsors two student groups that focus on education and action related to gender issues in science. They also support our minority students in a variety of ways. The department awards a Diversity Scholarship each year for "students demonstrating exceptional commitment to the advancement of women and underrepresented groups in the fields of physics and astronomy." The department also sponsors a number of scholarships of $10,000 each to students from underrepresented groups to supplement their stipend in the first academic year of their graduate study. Many of our departmental outreach events concern the pipeline from K-12 to college with the goal of improving access for potential first-generation college students and students from resource-challenged schools. 

Resources for Undergraduate Students 
University of Utah Society of Physics Students (SPS)
Undergraduate Student Advisory Committee (USAC)
Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP)
Refugees Exploring the Foundations of Undergraduate Education in Science (REFUGES)

Resources for Graduate Students and Postdocs 
Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Advisory (GSAC)
Women in Physics and Astronomy (WomPA)
African American Doctoral Scholars Initiative


HAWC Panorama

Resources for Faculty and Staff  
The Faculty Handbook
The Faculty Mentoring Program
Faculty Parental Benefits
Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA)

University of Utah Groups and Resources 
ACCESS Program for Women in Science & Mathematics
Women's Enrollment Initiative
Society for Advancing Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)
Women's Resource Center (WRC)
American Indian Resource Center (AIRC)
Black Cultural Center (BCC)
Center for Ethnic Student Affairs (CESA)
LGBT Resource Center
out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (oSTEM)
Office for Equity and Diversity
Graduate and Advanced Lady Scientists (GALS)


National Committees and Organizations 
APS Committee on the Status of Women
APS Committee on Minorities
National Society of Black Physicists
National Society of Hispanic Physicists
APS LGBT Physicists
AAS Committee on the Status of Minorities
AAS Committee for Sexual Orientation and Gender Minorities


Willard L. Eccles Observatory

Community Outreach 
The Department of Physics & Astronomy supports an extensive community outreach program through which, with enthusiastic student involvement, it recruits prospective Physics & Astronomy majors from among all groups, including and especially, underrepresented groups.



U Physics & Astronomy Diversity and Inclusion Committee 

 Please contact us with ideas, suggestions, and concerns.

Last Updated: 2/23/21