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Resources for Graduate Students and Postdocs


Milky Way Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC)  
 GSAC is a volunteer group of grad students who advocate on behalf of other graduate students. The   committee organizes monthly research seminars where graduate students can present their research. Each   semester, the organization sponsors a few graduate socials. 









WomPa Meeting Women in Physics and Astronomy (WomPA) 
 WomPA fosters a sense of community among women in the Department of Physics & Astronomy. WomPA   events provide opportunities for informal mentoring and sharing of resources. The organization also serves
 as a forum for the exchange of information and advice. WomPA is open to any student, faculty, or staff   member of the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the U. 





frican American Doctoral Scholars African American Doctoral Scholars Initiative 
 The African American Doctoral Scholars Initiative provides a scholarly community and educational services
 for African American doctoral students at the university.






Last Updated: 6/20/19