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Resources for Undergraduate Students 


SPS Logo University of Utah Society of Physics Students (SPS)  The Society of Physics students is a national         organization devoted to bringing together people who  strive to understand the world around us. Our
 local SPS has events for students to meet and have fun.




U students   Undergraduate Student Advisory Committee (USAC) 
   USAC advises the Department of Physics & Astronomy in matters concerning undergraduate students. 







CUWiP Conference Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) 
 These annual American Physical Society conferences are held in January at many sites across the   country, hosting approximately 2,000 undergraduate physics majors to discuss science, career   paths for physicists, and  social issues that can affect the experiences of scientists from   underrepresented groups.  





  Refugees Exploring the Foundations of Undergraduate Education in Science (REFUGES)
  REFUGES is a robust STEM-focused refugee- and minority-student support program, which has two distinct

  An afterschool program for refugee and immigrant students (grades 7-12) that provides academic support,
  hands-on  science enrichment, and social services such as family counseling, health and wellness workshops,
  and recreational activities.

  •   A bridge program for incoming University of Utah students from marginalized populations to adjust to college
      life, course work, and research.






Last Updated: 6/20/19