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Machine Metal Shops

Machine Shops

Location: JFB 116
Machine Shop Manager: TBD
(801) 581-6697
Email:  TBD

Ed has over 35 years experience in the machine industry, Aerospace, medical device, mold making, advanced Cad Cam training. He has a vast back ground of knowledge that can help you take your design from a rough sketch to a completed, functional device. A machine shop orientation training class is offered that takes about 20 hours (in two hour increments) for the average trainee. In the orientation class proper machine tool operation and personal safety are stressed. The following equipment may be used by faculty, staff, and students who successfully complete the machine shop training class.

  • 2 Bridgeport vertical spindle mills with x-y digital readouts
  • 6 engine lathes with swings ranging from 6" to 26"
  • 1 Powermatic vertical band saw
  • 1 Marvel vertical cut off band saw
  • 2 drill presses
  • Haas VF-0 3 axis CNC control (for use by professional machinists only)
  • CNC Lathe

Student shop orientation: Projects are done in the orientation and will familiarize students with the following:

Student Shop CNC Mill

  • Lathes - turning, facing, boring, "O" ring groves
  • Mills - milling, drilling, tapping, dividing heads, edge finders, dial test indicators
  • Soldering using high temperature silver solder, rosin core solder, acid core solder, an oxygen acetylene torch Sheet metal work - using box brakes, rolls, notches, punches.
  • spot welders Welding - heliarc TIG welding, wire feed MIG welding, stick welding (for those who have had previous welding experience only).
  • sheet metal shop

Note: Students faculty may use the shop after a short training course


Professional Shop
Location: South Physics 104

The Physics Machine Shop has a lot to offer in getting projects done. There are three CNC controlled mills and welding facilities, also soldering. Ed can help you design the most efficient way to approach your project. Specialized parts including those of an intricate nature can be made by the departmental machinists. Prototype work using the following machines is a specialty of the department:

Student Shop CNC Mill

  • 1 CNC 3 Axis Milling Center
  • 1 CNC 2 Axis Milling Center
  • 1 65 Ton Press Brake 8 ft. long
  • 1 4 ft. wide Shear1/2" Steel plate 4 ft. wide
  • 1 Sunnen Hone machine
  • 5 Welding machines; Tig, Mig, Arch
  • 6 Engine Lathes
  • 1 26" Engine Lathe
  • 1 DO ALL Saw 30" throat
  • CNC Lathe

Hermle C-30U
5-Axis Machining Center

The departmental has recently acquired a state of the art 5-axis machining center. This machine will expand our capabilities to produce complex parts with very high accuracy. In addition to the flexibility of 5-axis machining, the machine provides a 40,000 rpm spindle. The increased spindle speed will permit work on even smaller scale parts than previously possible.

Last Updated: 3/17/21