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Craig Taylor


Emeritus Professor

Office: Hill Hall 319, Colorado School of Mines
Phone: (303) 273-3586

Educational Background:

  • A.B., 1964 Physics, Carleton College (cum laude)
  • Ph.D., 1969 Physics, Brown University

Research Interests:

The major research interests of Professor Taylor include the optical, electronic and structural properties of crystalline and amorphous semiconductors. The experimental techniques, which have been designed to take advantage of thin film geometries, include optical spectroscopy (optical absorption, photoluminescence, Raman scattering and so forth), magnetic resonance (NMR, NQR, ESR) and combinations of the two techniques (optically-detected magnetic resonance). Current topics under investigation include localized electronic states in amorphous semiconductors, electronic instabilities in films of hydrogenated amorphous silicon and related alloys, electronic properties of very thin layers of III-V semiconductors (quantum wells, quantum dots, and other nanostructures), and ordering in ternary III-V alloys.


  • Honors Research Publication Award, Naval Research laboratory, 1975.
  • “Citation Classic”, Current Contents (most cited papers in condensed matter physics), 1977.
  • Department of Energy Certificate for Outstanding Contribution to Photovoltaic Research Program (23 October 1990).
  • Citation and Medal for Outstanding Professorial Contributions, Brown University Graduate School Commencement (1992).
  • Department of Energy Certificate of Appreciation (17 May 1995).
  • Appointment to rank of Distinguished Professor, University of Utah (2001).
  • 2001 Research Partnership Award, Department of Energy (shared with all members of the Thin Film Photovoltaic Partnership Program)
  • Distinguished Scholarly and Creative Research Award, University of Utah (2003).
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