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To learn more about the people that make up our department, click their names. To see a list of people by title, click the appropriate links under "People" in the left-hand menu. To search on this page, type "CTRL" + "F" (on Mac: "⌘ Cmd" + "F"). Legend: H = Home, C = Work Cell


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Nicholas Boardman Post Doc 318 INSCC N/A
Weizhao Cai Post Doc   B-22 JFB (Lab)  801-587-3692 

Helion du Mas des Bourboux 


Post Doc  324 INSCC N/A

Sarah Eftekharzadeh

Post Doc 314 INSCC 801-587-9780

Bartosz Fornal

Post Doc 205-2A INSCC N/A
Bill Hanlon Post Doc  246 INSCC 801-581-7452
Sten Hasselquist Post Doc 324 INSCC N/A
Uyen Huynh Post Doc 337 JFB N/A
Dmitri Ivanov Post Doc  246 INSCC 801-581-3908
Jianhui Lian Post Doc 318 INSCC N/A
Barmak Es Haghi Sham Post Doc 205 INSCC  N/A
Matt Sheffield  Post Doc 322 JFB  801-585-1745
Ryuichi Tsuchikawa Post Doc  322-3 JFB N/A
Aysegul Tumer Post Doc 316 INSCC 801-585-1824
Alejandro Vaquero Post Doc 205-3B INSCC 801-585-7653
Qian Wang Post Doc N/A  N/A

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Last Updated: 5/3/20