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At the University of Utah, scientists engage in cutting edge research in biophysics and related areas. In the Department of Physics and Astronomy, biophysics research is pushing the limits of nanometer-scale optical microscopy techniques, with the goal of studying molecular-scale biological systems; studying the process by which a new enveloped virus is created on the membrane of its host cell; and studying the properties of molecular motors, focusing on how these motors work together, how they are regulated, and how their functioning is disrupted or altered in various diseases.


Listed alphabetically by last name.

Mourad Bendjennat

Mourad Bendjennat

Bioengineering and Biophysics.


Saveez Saffarian

Enveloped virus budding.


Michael Vershinin

Experimental biophysics, optical trapping, single molecule experiments, emergent complexity, nanoscale phenomena, quantitative modeling data analysis.

Last Updated: 9/5/19