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Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Research topics of the condensed matter theory group cover essentially all problems of current interest: transport and optical properties of disordered interacting electron systems, 2-D electron gas with spin-orbit interactions, physics of graphene, the integer and fractional quantum Hall effect, correlated electron systems, quantum phase transitions and various frustrated spin models. Transport properties of strongly correlated systems subject to various external perturbations are also being investigated.


Listed alphabetically by last name.

Eugene Mishchenko

Eugene Mishchenko

Spin-polarized transport in low-dimensional systems, electron-electron interactions in one- two-dimensional systems, fluctuations in mesoscopic conductors disordered optical media, superconductivity of cold atom systems.


Mikhail Raikh

Electronic optical properties of disordered systems.

Oleg Starykh

Oleg Starykh

Strongly correlated electrons their quantum phases, frustrated quantum antiferromagnets, quantum phase transitions, transport properties of low-dimensional correlated electron systems.

Last Updated: 4/7/20