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Physics Education research (per)

Physics education research (PER) is an inherently interdisciplinary endeavor that studies how people learn the content and culture of physics. Investigations in PER  are diverse and include looking at student learning in the classroom all the way up to the policies that govern the physics community and affect physicist’s careers. 

Students of PER move on to many interesting careers, including academia, high school teaching, consulting, university administration, entrepreneurship and more. A research program in PER can be undertaken both at the undergraduate and graduate level at the University of Utah and students are always encouraged to apply.  


Listed alphabetically by last name.

Ramon Barthelemy

Ramón Barthelemy 

Physics Education Research (PER) 

De Grandi

Claudia De Grandi 

Evidence-based teaching pedagogies, 
inclusivity in STEM, physics education research. 

Last Updated: 4/8/20