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Star Base Utah is a testbed for Air Cherenkov Telescope instrumentation and intensity interferometry. It consists of two telescopes 3m in diameter with a f/1 Davis-Cotton optics on a 23m East-West baseline. The telescopes are located next to Bonneville SeaBase less than 50 miles from Salt-Lake-City. Construction started in spring 2007.
Posters on StarBase activities
Internal notes, reports and tools
  • Ben Adams MSI thesis report and slides (pdf, ppt)
  • Basic operation manual (doc) written by Ryan Price and Louis LeBohec
  • Note on tracking corrections and tracking correcion parameters optimization program by Stephan LeBohec
  • This is a tar file containing the present status of our software package for simulating and analyzing Intensity Interferometry data. The simulation part is now complete and we are working essentially on the analysis. Contact Stephan LeBohec or Paul Nunez if you have any problem with their utilization as we have not developed any documentation.
  • All the software, material and documentation on the slow control electronics in a zip file.
  • Labview tracking program in a .zip file
  • Here is a pythonscript toread data from a SR510 lockin amplifier. It was written by Janvida Rou
  • Here is a python script implementing a user interface for the digital correlator we constructed. Itwas writtenby Jeremy Smith and Janvida Rou
  • Here is a python script implementing a user interface for the slow control system used on the StarBase telescopes to control HV and digitize anode currents. It was written by Derrick Kress and Janvida Rou
  • Manuals for the encoder position display unit and for the servo amplifier units
  • Intensity Interferometry Project
    Programmable Intensity Interferometry Correlator
    Optical Long Baseline Interferometry News
    Dainis Dravins Astronomy Pages

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