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At Utah, I have taught a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses including introductory astronomy (ASTR/PHYS 1060), observational astronomy (ASTR/PHYS 2060/4060; typically taught each fall), an undergraduate galaxies course (ASTR/PHYS 4070), graduate galaxies course (ASTR/PHYS 5570), and a graduate research methods course (ASTR 6410).  I also previously taught at Wellesley College (2010-2011) and at the University of Washington during graduate school.  Below are some materials from previous courses that other people might find useful!  I also have all of my lectures and homeworks available to those want them -- please contact me if you are interested.

Stellar Populations Seminar Class:

Wellesley, Fall 2010.  The goal of the course is to teach students how we age-date objects in the universe using our knowledge of stellar evolution.  I attach some of my course materials below.  Please contact me if you’d like more materials (.tex files, data, IDL programs).

  1. Syllabus

  2. Intro to IDL programming (worked through in class)

  3. Project 1: Fitting CMDs of Galactic Star Clusters

  4. Homework 2: Integrated Spectra of Galactic Star Clusters (from Project 1)

  5. Project 2: Identification and Age-Dating of Extragalactic Star Clusters

  6. Project 3: Measuring the ages and star formation rates of distant galaxies in SDSS

Life in the Universe Introductory Class:

Wellesley, Spring 2011, teaching two ~25 person courses

  1. Kepler Transit Activity: Student Worksheet and Instructor’s Guide

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