Cosmic Ray Spark Chamber: Photos and Information

I made this spark chamber for demonstrations in the early days of this millenium. I built it with the support of the Montana Space Grant Consortium, and it resided in the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana until neglect got the better of it. I still (2021) get contacted occasionally by people wanting to build one, so I'll keep this page alive.

Photos of completed spark chamber:
  1. P8150696.JPG
  2. P8150697.JPG
  3. P8150698.JPG
  4. P8150699.JPG
  5. P8150700.JPG
  6. P8150701.JPG
  7. P8150702.JPG
  8. P8150704.JPG
  9. P8150705.JPG
  10. P8150706.JPG
  11. P8150707.JPG
  12. P8150708.JPG
System schematic

Schematic of thyratron driver circuit

Cosmic ray tracks caught on film:
  1. sparks_01.jpg
  2. sparks_02.jpg
  3. sparks_03.jpg
  4. sparks_04.jpg
  5. sparks_05.jpg
  6. sparks_06.jpg
  7. sparks_07.jpg
  8. sparks_08.jpg
  9. sparks_09.jpg
  10. sparks_10.jpg

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Last Updated: 6 March 2021