Readout schemes for phosphorous donor electron and nuclei in silicon

Phosphorous exists only as a single isotope 31P with a nuclear spin I=1/2. Built as donor impurity into a crystalline silicon host environment, it forms a localized single electron donor state. Both the 31P nucleus and the donor electron have extremely long coherence times which is why they have been proposed as spin quantum information carriers (qubits) but also as classical bits for spin memory and spin electronic applications.

Our work is concerned with the investigation of electrical single electron or nuclear spin measurement concepts as the implementation of the so far hypothetical 31P based spin technologies will require reliable microscopic readout procedures for individual spins in order to the retrieve spin information stored in the 31P spin memory.

Sketches of (a) the band diagram and (b) the geometry of gate controlled 31P readout devices.

Plot of the electrical current change along the interface of a 31P doped monocrystalline silicon sample to a silicon dioxide layer as a function of time and magnetic field after a coherent very short microwave excitation at t=0.

Our recent results on this topic:

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