Condensed Matter Seminar Series (2019-2020)

Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Utah

Schedule: Tuesday, 4:00 - 5:00 pm, unless otherwise noted.
Location: JFB 334, unless otherwise noted.
Parking: Park at the metered stalls on President's Circle, or park in the visitor pay lot that is south-east of the James Fletcher Building.
CMS Committee: Sarah Li (Chair), Evan Lafalce, Mikhail Raikh, Hans Malissa.
Reimbursements: Rochelle Tarin-Olivas.

Fall 2019

Date Speaker Insititution Host Title of Seminar
Aug 20 Vagharsh Mkhitaryan Ames Lab Hans Malissa “Dressed States and Multi-Photon Resonances in Strongly Driven Ensemble of Weakly Coupled Spin-Pairs”
Aug 27 Christian Kern University of Utah Local “On the Hall Effect in Composites”
Aug 28 special Yuting Hu SUSTC (China) Yong-Shi Wu “Entanglement Entropy, Quasiparticle Fluctuations, and Fhermal Entropy in Topological Phases”
Sep 03 John Lupton University of Regensburg Hans Malissa “Excitons with Negative-Mass Electrons”
Sep 10 Adrian Del Maestro University of Vermont Andrey Rogachev “Entanglement Area Law in Superfluid 4He”
Sep 17 Christian Kurtsiefer National U. of Singapore Stephan Le Bohec “Atom-Photon Interaction in a Strong Focusing Regime”
Sep 24 Uyen Huyhn University of Utah Local “Studies of the Exciton Fine Structure in Bulk Metal Halide Perovskite Single Crystals by Photoinduced Transient Quantum Beatings”
Oct 01 RPT - No Seminar
Oct 08 Fall Break - No Seminar
Oct 15 Volker Blum Duke University Sarah Li “Materials Physics from Simple to Complex Tunable Semiconductors from a First Principles Computational Approach”
Oct 22 Haoliang Liu University of Utah Local “Parity Time Symmetry in Magnonics”
Oct 29 Ashkan Salamat UNLV Shanti Deemyad “Pressure-Mediated Band Gap Engineering of Sn – N, O Compounds”
Nov 05 Ben Hunt Carnegie Mellon U. Vikram Deshpande “Novel Superconductors in Two-Dimensional Materials and Heterostructures”
Nov 12 Matt Beard NREL Valy Vardeny, Sarah Li “Controlling Charge, Spin and Light in Pb-Halide Perovskite Polycrystalline Films, Single Crystals, Nanocrystals, and Perovskite Layered Systems”
Nov 19 Leah Weiss University of Chicago Christoph Boehm “Probing Triplet Excitons with Spin in Organic Semiconductors”
Nov 26 Thanksgiving - No Seminar
Dec 03 Lea Santos Yeshiva University Mikhail Raikh “Time Scales and Manifestations of Chaos in Many-Body Quantum Dynamics”

Spring 2020

Date Speaker Insititution Host Title of seminar
Jan 07 Special Colloquium
Jan 14 Special Colloquium
Jan 21
Jan 28 Reserved for faculty candidate
Feb 04
Feb 11 Reserved for faculty candidate
Feb 18
Feb 25
Mar 03
Mar 10 Spring Break - No Seminar
Mar 17
March 24
Mar 31
Apr 07
Apr 14
Apr 21