Outline of Your Report

The report (composed in LaTeX, RevTeX style) should include the following elements. Plots are to be constructed with a suitable plotting utility and inserted into the text as a pdf or png file.

  1. Introduction: A brief (paragraph or two) discussion of the purpose of the experiment.
  2. Experimental Method: A brief discussion of the experimental method.
  3. How you binned the raw data: Physics 3730 students, you may skip this and just provide a plot of the binned data.
  4. Numerical Method: A brief (paragraph or two) discussion of the numerical method, explaining what a Fourier transform does, how it gives you the spectrum and how you determined the frequency scales in your spectra.
  5. Results:
    1. Plot and discussion of the Fourier spectrum of the full dataset
    2. Plot and discussion of the Fourier spectrum in selected frequency ranges
    3. Plot and discussion f the Fourier spectrum of the window function
    4. Discussion of the real peaks in the selected ranges
    5. Plot of the Fourier spectrum of the dataset for a single day.
    6. Discussion comparing the spectra for a single day and full run for one of the frequency intervals.
  6. Error Analysis: A discussion of the bootstrap method and how you implemented it. Physics 3730 students may skip this.
  7. Plot of spectrum with error bars: Plot the spectrum in the range 2150 - 2350 $\mu$Hz and discuss the significante of the peaks. Physics 3730 students may skip this.
  8. Conclusions: Physics 3730 and 6720 students, please summarize your findings, namely what pulsation frequencies were deduced from the analysis. Also summarize what you learned about resolution and artifacts in the data when you did a Fourier transform of just one day's data. Physics 6720 students, please also discuss the significance of any structure you notice in the spectrum, based on the bootstrap analysis.
  9. References A list of references you used in Physical Review format: These should include sources of the code and documentation, numerical methods, articles, web sites, etc. Please do not merely list the references. Please also cite them (with numbers) in the text wherever you have used them in writing your report!