Crocker Science Center

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The Crocker Science Center (CSC) is an innovative facility that integrates education and research for all four departments in the College of Science at the University of Utah.  The CSC houses the Center for Cell and Genome Sciences, a multi-disciplinary research center that includes world-class research facilities such as a state-of-the-art cryo-electron microscope, as well as seven new interdisciplinary teaching laboratories, numerous classroom spaces designed to support active learning, an integrated advising hive, study and meeting spaces, a cafe, and a technology incubator.  It is the future home of the Center for Science and Mathematics Education, the Science Research Initiative, and the College of Science Dean’s Suite.

People and Roles:

  • Prof. Jim Muller:  Jim is an Associate Research Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the U.  Jim and I co-chaired the CSC design and construction committee.
  • Prof. Henry White:  Henry is Distinguished Professor and fomer Chair of Chemistry at the U.  Henry was Dean of the College of Science during the final years of CSC project.
  • Prof. Pierre Sokolsky:  Pierre is Distinguished Professor Emeritus and former Chair of Physics at the U.  Pierre was Dean of the College of Science when the CSC was conceived together with Gary Crocker.
  • Prof. Jennifer Heemstra:  Jennifer is Associate Professor of Chemistry at Emory University.  When Jen was at the U, she played a critical role in the CSC design efforts.
  • Prof. Markus Babst:  Markus is Professor of Biological Sciences at the U and Director of the Center for Cell and Genome Sciences.  Markus played a critical role in the CSC design efforts.
  • My role:  I was Chair of the CSC program and design committee from 2013-2018.  In that role, I led a dynamic team of faculty from the College of Science in a needs assessment and aspirational visioning process, worked with architects and other design professionals to translate this into a preliminary program for the building, worked closely with campus stakeholders (e.g., faculty, staff, students, worked closely with the architects (EDA), construction team, and project management personnel from the U to keep the project moving forward for the duration of the planning, design, and construction phases.  During this project, I worked intimately with Dean Pierre Sokolsky, Dean Henry White, department chairs and faculty, and particulary Jim Muller who co-chaired this effort and was vital during the design and construction phases. 
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