Internships for Undergraduates

Together with Emily Gaines in the Center for Science and Mathematics Education, we built the College of Science Internship Program to connect employers with eligible undergraduate student interns at the U who have a declared major in one of the College of Science departments.  Duration of internships vary depending upon employer needs, but all internships in “Track A” begin at the start of the semester and generally last at least 10 weeks.  One advatange of Track A, is that students submit a single application, which is distributed to multiple employers based on their interest and eligibility; another advantage is that interns in Track A receive pre-internship training and orientation for the workplace.  To promote equitable participation of all students, students who select unpaid internship opportunities (e.g., with non-profits or government agencies) and have financial need are eligible to receive some funding depending on the duration of their experience.  In Fall 2018, Jacqueline Broida was hired by the CSME with funds from the Career and Professional Development Center and the College of Science to focus exclusively on growing the internship program in the College.

People and Roles:

  • Emily Gaines:  Emily is the Director of Engagement in the CSME.  Before Summer 2016, the College of Science did not have a formal internship program.  In Fall 2015 at the request of Henry White, then Dean of the College of Science, Emily began researching potential structures for a program and then proposed and built what is now Track A with the approval of Dean White.  She recruited employers, built a website to advertise internship opportunities and receive student applications, worked with undergraduate advisors and other departmental faculty and staff to broadcast the program to students, and directed all operations from Summer 2016 through Fall 2018.  She also wrote the proposal for a new full-time internship coordinator, crafted the job responsibilities, led the search committee, and now supervises Jacqueline Broida.
  • Jacqueline Broida:  Jacqueline is now the full-time College of Science Internship Coordinator.  She directs all aspects of the program with input and guidance from Emily Gaines and Jordan Gerton.  Under her leadership, a more flexible “Track B” was added wherein employers can post internship opportunities to a curated job board at any time, and students apply directly to those opportunities.  Jacqueline also developed and is teaching an online course that satisfies an “upper division writing and communication” general education requirement; students can elect to take this course while completing an internship to receive academic credit and gain important communication skills highly relevant to the workplace.  Jacqueline has also instituted several internship tracking mechanisms to get a handle on the number and nature of these experiences, particularly those that occur outside of the formal COS Internship Program.
  • My role:  I worked closely with Emily Gaines during the initial development of the program.  As CSME Director, I provide guidance and oversight for the program and help obtain resources and buy-in from stakeholders.
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