7th International Conference on Magnetic Resonance Microscopy

7th "Heidelberg" Conference
September 20-25, 2003


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 Lake Blanche, Big Cottonwood Canyon

The  7th International Conference on  Magnetic Resonance Microscopy was held at Snowbird, Utah from Sept. 20 -25, 2003. The Chair was David C. Ailion and the Co-Chair was Robert E. Botto. The official email address for the conference is nmr@physics.utah.edu. You can address any questions to this email address. 

The organizers would like to thank all of the participants of this conference for making it a success. Please enjoy some of the pictures that were taken during the week.

Executive Steering Committee

David C. Ailion, University of Utah (Chair)
Robert E. Botto, Argonne National Laboratory (Co-Chair)
Eiichi Fukushima, New Mexico Resonance (President of Division)
Axel Haase, University of Wuerzburg (Secretary General of Division)
Peter J. McDonald, University of Surrey (past Chair)

Local Organizing Committee

David C. Ailion, Department of  Physics, University of Utah
Karen Anderson, ATK Thiokol Propulsion Lab
Pat Burrus, University of Utah Conference Services
Gernot Laicher, Department of  Physics, University of Utah
Dennis Parker, Department of  Radiology, University of Utah
Ronald Pugmire, Department of  Chemistry, University of Utah
Kimberlee Potter, Department of Cellular Pathology and Genetics, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Annex
Brian Saam, Department of  Physics, University of Utah
Robert Wind, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)

Principal invited speakers who have accepted:

Keynote Speaker: Alexander Pines
Educational Program General Meeting  Non-Clinical Functional MR Session
Bernhard Bluemich Sean Barrett Jeff Dunn
Paul Callaghan Angelo Bifone Periann Kuppusamy
Mark Conradi Robert Blinc Hal Swartz
Axel Haase Bernhard Bluemich Robert Weisskoff
Joe Seymour Paul Callaghan
Steven Wright Mark Conradi
Yang Xia Tomoyuki Haishi
R. Mark Henkelman
Edward Hsu
Russel Jacobs
G. Allan Johnson
Rainer Kimmich
Gil Navon
Charles Pennington
Michael Romalis
Koji Saito
Steve Sinton
Yi-Qiao Song
Bryan Suits
Robert Wind

Corporate Sponsorship

We are grateful for the support of the corporate and scientific sponsors shown below. If your company is interested in sponsoring the 7th ICMRM, please contact the conference chair, David C. Ailion at nmr@physics.utah.edu.
Cambridge Isotope Labs, Inc.
ATK Thiokol

Siemens Medical Solutions
American Chemical Society

Perseus Books Group

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