7th International Conference on Magnetic Resonance Microscopy

Educational Program: September 20-21, 2003

Saturday, Sept. 20        Morning Session (Chair: Eiichi Fukushima)
                                       8:45 AM        Welcome
                                       9:00 AM        Yang Xia, Introduction to NMR
                                      10:15 AM       Coffee Break
                                      10:45 AM        Steven M. Wright, NMR Instrumentation
                                      12:00 noon       Lunch

Saturday, Sept. 20       Afternoon Session (Chair: Brian Saam)
                                      2:00 PM          Bernhard Bluemich, Mobile NMR
                                      3:15 PM          Coffee Break
                                      3:45 PM          Joseph D. Seymour, Introduction to Flow and Diffusion via NMR
                                      5:00 PM          Mark S. Conradi, NMR of Gases
                                      6:15 PM          Adjourn

Sunday, Sept. 21          Morning Session (Chair: Bernhard Bluemich)
                                      9:00 AM          Paul T. Callaghan, Introduction to MRI
                                      10:15 AM        Coffee Break
                                      10:45 AM        Axel Haase, Biomedical NMR Imaging
                                      12:00 noon      Adjourn

These sessions are to be followed by the Scientific Program on Sept. 22-25.

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