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Due to COVID-19, we will not run a workshop in 2020.  Please stay safe!  

Nomination packets for the CSC TA workshop consist of:

  • completed nomination form
  • letter of support from your department chairperson
  • 2-page (max) statement from applicant teams
  • CV/Biosketch from both TA and faculty member of each team

Click here to complete the online nomination form

Priority will be given to teams consisting of one Teaching Assistant and one faculty member who demonstrate an important need for improved graduate student/TA education within their department.  Preferably, the TA member of the team will be an experienced "Master/Mentor" TA and the faculty member will be an instructor of a large introductory course, a Department Chair or Associate Chair, or a Director of Undergraduate/Graduate Studies. In addition, the support letter from the department chairperson must include a commitment to cover all travel expenses (ground expenses will be covered by the workshop grant) and a commitment to facilitate implementation of the Action Plan that each team will develop at the workshop.  

Our current funding will cover ground costs (hotel, food, and local transportation) for about 24 participants (12 teams). Departments/institutions who wish to send more than one team will be asked to pay the full cost of the workshop for a second (or space available, a third) team.

Due to funding and logistical constraints, this year's workshop is limited to Physics and Chemistry departments only.

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