U of U
University of Utah, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
Research Associate ProfessorJul 2016 – present
Research Assistant Professor Jan 2013 – Jul 2016
Postdoctoral Research Associate Feb 2010 – Jan 2013

Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS)
SDSS-V Head of Data Mgmt. & ArchivingOct 2017 – present
SDSS-IV Science Archive Scientist Sep 2013 – present
SDSS-III BOSS Pipeline Developer Feb 2010 – Jan 2015

Joel Brownstein
Dr. Joel R. Brownstein
Research Associate Professor

Perimeter Institute
University of Waterloo at Perimeter Institute
Ph.D. Physics
My doctoral research spanned a variety of topics within both the Cosmology group and the Quantum Gravity group, with a focus on theories of gravity, and the non-renormalizability of gravity, and was funded by an NSERC post-graduate fellowship and a scholarship from the Perimeter Institute.
I was particularly interested in generalized theories of Einstein's gravity that include torsion and lead to either a nonsymmetric metric, or effectively include a massive vector field. I was further interested in attempts to quantize gravity in 3 spatial plus 1 temporal dimension, including Loop Quantum Gravity.
My Ph.D. dissertation included a series of tests of modified gravity and dark matter, with best-fits to a large number of galaxy rotation curves, a large number of X-ray cluster masses, a test of modified gravity in the Bullet Cluster Lensing Data, and a gravity-based solution to the Pioneer 10/11 anomaly, published respectively in:

Perimeter Institute
University of California at Santa Barbara
Ph.D. Physics (without dissertation)
My initial doctoral research included general relativity, cosmology, quantum field and string theory course work, and supervised research in quantum gravity and quantum cosmology, and was funded by a fellowship from the Regents of the University of California.

Perimeter Institute
University of Toronto Physics
M.Sc. Physics
My master's research spanned a variety of foundational topics in theoretical physics, particularly in general relativity & cosmology and quantum field theory, with a focus on group theory and gauge theory, and was funded by an NSERC post-graduate fellowship.
My M.Sc. thesis included a calculation extending the frame-dragging Lense-Thirring effect of general relativity to the nonsymmetric gravity theory, which I was able to accomplish by generalizing Schiff's original hand-written notes, published in:

Perimeter Institute
University of Toronto Engineering Science
My undergraduate education included 2 years of extensive engineering course work, following by 2 years in the engineering science physics option, with 2 summer research internships with faculty from Aerospace Engineering and the Department of Physics, funded by NSERC.
My B.A.Sc. thesis included a numerical calculation solving a series of differential equations to model a superconducting phase transition, published in: