I was co-Investigator on a number of HST proposals to observe strong gravitational lenses detected in SDSS-III (SLACS) and SDSS-IV (BELLS), which led to a number of publications. There are significant challenges remaining in the data analysis in order to dissect these galaxies in luminous and dark components, and there are new candidates from SDSS-IV (SILO) that are ideal for followup HST imaging.

HST Approved Programs
Cycle 2310/2015 – 12/2017
Quantifying Cold Dark Matter Substructure with a Qualitatively New Gravitational Lens Sample.
Cycle 2001/2012 – 12/2016
The Master Lens Database and The Orphan Lenses Project.
Cycle 1810/2010 – 12/2012
SLACS for the Masses: Extending Strong Lensing to Lower Masses and Smaller Radii.
Cycle 1810/2010 – 12/2012
A Strong Lensing Measurement of the Evolution of Mass Structure in Giant Elliptical Galaxies.
BOSS Emission-Line Lensing Survey (BELLS)
BELLS Publications
 ApJ (2012 ) 744 41
 158 Citations
The BOSS Emission-Line Lens Survey (BELLS). I. A Large Spectroscopically Selected Sample of Lens Galaxies at Redshift ~0.5
 ApJ (2012 ) 757 82
 142 Citations
The BOSS Emission-Line Lens Survey. II. Investigating Mass-density Profile Evolution in the SLACS+BELLS Strong Gravitational Lens Sample
 ApJ (2016 ) 824 86
 58 Citations
The BOSS Emission-line Lens Survey. III. Strong Lensing of Lyα Emitters by Individual Galaxies
 ApJ (2016 ) 833 264
 76 Citations
The BOSS Emission-line Lens Survey. IV. Smooth Lens Models for the BELLS GALLERY Sample
 ApJL (2017 ) 834 L18
 15 Citations
Discovery of a Very Bright and Intrinsically Very Luminous, Strongly Lensed Lyα Emitting Galaxy at z = 2.82 in the BOSS Emission-Line Lens Survey
 ApJ (2018 ) 853 148
 25 Citations
The BOSS Emission-line Lens Survey. V. Morphology and Substructure of Lensed Lyα Emitters at Redshift Z ≈ 2.5 in the BELLS GALLERY
 MNRAS (2020 ) 492 1257
 13 Citations
Rest-frame UV properties of luminous strong gravitationally lensed Lyα emitters from the BELLS GALLERY Survey

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