The SDSS Software Framework is publically available via the SDSS GitHub Organization, and includes data access tools to make it easier to work with SDSS astronomical data.

Software Documentation

SDSS Software Framework

sdss-access SDSS Access provides a convenient way of navigating local and remote filesystem paths from the Science Archive Server (SAS).
sdss-tree The SAS Tree defines the directory structure in which all SDSS data files live. The SAS tree product helps set up all the SDSS environment variables you need to run SDSS products.
datamodel The sdss datamodel product is a python package for creating, validating, and navigating datamodels for SDSS data products.
The datamodel product is currently proprietary for SDSS members, and will be made public in a future data release.
sdssdb This product provides ORM access to the databases used for SDSS operations, data reductions, and target selection.

SDSS Analysis Pipelines

sdss-mangadap The MaNGA data-analysis pipeline (MaNGA DAP) is the survey-led software package that analyzes the data produced by the MaNGA data-reduction pipeline (MaNGA DRP) to produced physical properties derived from the MaNGA spectroscopy.
sdss-astra Astra is the analysis framework for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS V) Milky Way Mapper. The purpose of Astra is to manage the analysis of reduced data products from SDSS V and to streamline data releases.

SDSS Software Tools

sdss-marvin Marvin is a tool specifically designed to download, visualise and analyse SDSS-IV MaNGA data, and allows you to:
  • Access reduced MaNGA datacubes local, remotely, or via a web interface.
  • Access and visualise data analysis products.
  • Perform powerful queries on data and metadata.
  • Abstract the datamodel and forget where the data actually lives.
  • Make good visualisation and scientific decisions by preventing common mistakes when accessing the data.
sdss-brain sdss_brain provides a set of core of classes and helper functions to aid in the development of user-facing tools and interfaces. It combines the utility of other core SDSS packages, e.g. sdss-access, sdss-tree, sdssdb, sdsstools to enable a more streamlined and simplified SDSS user experience.
astroquery Astroquery is a set of tools for querying astronomical web forms and databases, including SDSS-specific queries.
pydl This package consists of Python replacements for functions that are part of the IDL built-in library or part of astronomical IDL libraries.