Dima Pesin

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics&Astronomy
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

Office: 309 JFB
Phone: (801)-581-3690

Positions available (research assistant and postdoctoral associate)

Publications (see the CV for the full list)

Recent CV

PHYS 3740, Intro to Modern Physics, Fall 2012
PHYS 7510, Advanced Solid State Physics (I), Fall 2013
PHYS 5520, Solid State Physics (II), Spring 2014

Research Interests

- Transport in coherent Quantum Hall bilayers

- Topological Insulators

- Interaction Effects in metals. Coulomb Blockade phenomena

- Nonequilibrium superconductivity

- Unconventional superconductors

A short note on quasiclassical Landau quantization in graphene

Last modified: July 16, 2012

by Dima Pesin