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Richard H. Price

Relativistic Astrophysics. Relativity

B. Eng. Phys., 1965, Cornell University
Ph.D., 1971, California Institute of Technology
Postdoctoral, 1971, California Institute of Technology

Office : 215 South Physics
Phone : (801)581-8691

Email :

My primary field of research interest is relativistic gravitation (i.e., Einstein's general relativity) and its application to astrophysics. Since the middle 90s I have been focusing in particular on the black hole collisions that are the most exciting potential sources of gravitational waves that might be detectable with such instruments as the US LIGO project. Computing such collisions is also considered the "holy grail" of numerical relativity (the solution of Einstein's equations on supercomputers). Like much of modern day research, this work is done in collaboration with colleagues at other institutions. I have ongoing collaborations with the groups at the Albert Einstein Institute, at Theoretical Astronomy and Astrophysics in Tübingen, at the University of Cordoba , Argentina, and especially with Jorge Pullin at LSU. I am a fellow of the American Physical Society.

I am also interested in applying the methods of physics and of applied mathematics to a much broader set of problems. This (partially) explains why I am an Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and worked with the Center for Engineering Design and Sarcos Corporation on micromechanical devices.

I have also been interested in innovations in teaching physics and introduced collaborative learning techniques in the introductory calculus-based courses PHYCS 2220. My interest in innovations in teaching and in applying physics to a broad set of projects come together in the Physics of Modern Technology (PMT) program at the University of Utah. In the fall of 2001 I will be teaching PHYCS 4910, a new course in technical communication and scientific judgment. This course will become part of the PMT program, but at least for the present, will be taken by a wide variety of students.

In my spare time I am on the editorial board of the all electronic physics journal New Journal of Physics and I am a Divisional Associate Editor of Physical Review Letters for gravitation, and a member (starting January 2003) of the editorial advisory board of American Journal of Physics. I am now (April 2002-April 2003) Chair of The Topical Group in Gravitation, an American Physical Society group specific to my field.

Other of my physics related activities have included a Hollywood movie. (This was a biography of Einstein. I played myself and have been told that I did a believable job.) Very recently I had a brief (one song) musical career as a member of the physics singing group Bernie and the Gravitones.


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