Smart Physics Textbook Cover

Course Textbook

Classical Mechanics by Gladding, Selen, and Stelzer, ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-7240-7.
is a small booklet that accompanies the on-line course, smartPhysics.This book is available in the campus bookstore with a bundled access card (which covers the cost of on-line access, as well). On-line access alone will be available through the smartPhysics website, and the booklet alone is also available through the usual internet sources, as well. There are obviously several ways to obtain the needed course materials; how you do so is up to you.

PHYS 1500 Preparation for University Physics
General Information


Wayne Springer
216 South Physics Building

Teaching Assistants/Help Lab

Janvida Rou (

Rong Zhang(

Help Lab in Physics Rotunda Thursdays 9AM- 4PM

Discussion Sections W,F 3-4PM

Course Description

PHYS 1500 serves as preparation for the introductory physics course sequence such as 2010/2020,2110/2120 and 2210/2220. The material covered includes topics in the fundamentals of classical mechanics. Particular emphasis will be placed on developing a proficiency in problem solving as well as developing a good conceptual understanding of the covered topics. 

Online assignments (prelectures, checkpoint quizzes, and homework) will be completed using the smartPhysics online course website. To learn how to get a smartPhysics account and sign up for this course, click here. Once established, your smartPhysics page will keep track of your progress and grades for the online elements of the course. Grades for other elements of the course (group problems, exams, etc.) will be maintained in Canvas. We will also be utilizing the interactive learning devices known as clickers. The clickers are available for purchase at the campus bookstore.