Physics 7910, Section 030
Spring 2013

Quantum Magnetism

Tuesday, Thursday: 10:50am-12:10pm
JFB 210

Instructor: Dr. Oleg Starykh
Office: JFB 304
Phone: 801-581-6424
Fax: 801-581-4801
E-mail: starykh {at}

Office hours: Thursday, 2:00 - 3:00 pm, JFB 304; or by appointment.

The aim of Quantum Magnetism course is to explain basic notions and concepts of quantum magnetism and many-body physics in general. Theoretical development will follow closely modern experiments in various quantum magnets. The idea is to explain how the multitude of observed phenomena follow from few basic concepts, and to illustrate close connections between various theoretical models and real magnetic materials.

Topics to be covered

Course structure

The textbook for the class is S. Blundell ``Magnetism in Condensed Matter" (see Amazon's cite for the book info). In addition, extensive lecture notes will be provided.

The course will be supplemented by suggested reading from textbooks such as: D. Mattis ``Theory of magnetism made simple", A. Auerbach ``Interacting electrons and quantum magnetism", S. Sachdev ``Quantum phase transitions", X.-G. Wen "Quantum field theory of many-body systems", and few others.

  • There will be regular homeworks, one every two weeks.
  • The grade is based on homework problems and student presentations at the end of the semester (topics will be selected in the class).