Research topics in more details

Here you can find more detailed description of some of my recent research topics.

  • Spatially anisotropic frustrated antiferromagnets: competition between long range magnetic and dimer orders. Triangular, checkerboard, pyrochlore, kagome and J1-J2 models.
  • Magnetic field versus temperature phase diagram of Cs2CuCl4.
  • Elementary excitations of frustrated magnets: spinons, magnons, triplons. Neutron scattering in Cs2CuCl4.
  • Rotons in excitation spectra of triangular lattice antiferromagnet: strong renormalization of dispersion (1/S effect) in non-collinear magnets; finite lifetime of magnons due to decay into two-particle continuum.
  • Magnetization physics of triangular antiferromagnet: M=1/3 plateau in Cs2CuBr4.
  • Effects due to non-commutativity of spin-orbital (Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya) interaction and magnetic fields: stabilization of spin density wave in one dimension.
  • Spin-orbit-induced interaction between spins in the absence of exchange: spin analogue of van der Waals interaction. Implications for Wigner crystal and quantum computation.
  • Generation of spin current by Coulomb drag. Quantum wires: charge-density wave versus superconducting pair tunneling.
  • Staggered DM chains OS note on backscattering-improved RG for interchain interaction, pdf file