Engineering Quantum Materials, Phenomena and Devices

Welcome to the homepage of Vikram Deshpande’s research group! We are located in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Utah, by the foothills of the Wasatch mountains in picturesque Salt Lake City. We study emergent physical phenomena in Dirac materials such as 1D carbon nanotubes, 2D graphene and 3D topological insulators & semimetals.

The Deshpande group uses low-temperature electrical transport spectroscopy to study nano-fabricated devices from these materials and develops novel hybrid experimental tools using high-frequency techniques. Our aim is to explore the rich physics arising in these materials due to the combination of symmetry, topology and electronic correlations. We are also interested in potential applications resulting from the remarkable physical properties of these quantum materials. (see Research).

We are looking for passionate new PhD students, Postdocs, and undergraduate students to join the team (more info) !

We are grateful for funding from an NSF Quantum Idea Incubator award, the NSF DMR, an ACS PRF Young Investigator award, a USTAR research grant and the University of Utah.


August 2023

We are awarded a $900k NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant as co-PI for the “Acquisition of an integrated physical property measurement system for the electronic, optical, and magnetic characterization of materials”.

June 2023

Jasper departs for Urbana.
Lily and Andrew join the group.

March 2023

Amit departs for his INSPIRE Junior Faculty position.
Su Kong starts research position in Beijing.
We are delighted for our first group members starting independent research positions!

November 2022

Our 3D TI quantum spin Hall paper is published in Nature Communications.

October 2022

Chuankun defends his PhD. Congratulations to him as he joins Texas Instruments!

August 2022

Shuwan defends her PhD. Congratulations to her! She will join Applied Materials in Santa Clara.

March 2022

Physics Today feature article on our carbon nanotube work. See here for a version of the article.

October 2021

Our review article on 3D TI heterostructures is published in Curr Opin Solid State Mater Sci.

May 2021

Rohit defends his PhD, headed to Intel!

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