Physics 2020 - Spring 2013

Physics 2020 - General Physics II
Dr. Charles Jui

Course Information

Instructor: Dr. Charles Jui
     801-581-7186 (fax - 801-581-6256)
     INSCC 222
     Office Hours: M W 4:00-5:30 in 325 JFB
     Email Dr. Jui

Course Administrator: Mary Ann Woolf
     801-581-4246 (fax - 801-581-4246)
     205 JFB
     Email Mary Ann

As of Thu. May 2, 2013, the final exam grades have been entered into WebAssign. And the solution key has been posted on the course web site.

The letter grades have been computed. However, WebAssign only accepts the numeric entries. The grades have therefore been entered into WebAssign according to their standard Grade Point (GP) values (see

A    A-     B+   B   B- C+  C   C-   D+  D    D- E/EU
4.0 3.7 3.3 3.0 2.7 2.3 2.0 1.7 1.3 1.0 0.7 0

Your final exam will NOT be returned to you. If you wish to look at your final exam, please email the instructor to ask for a scan of your exam to be emailed back to you.

According to University policy, you have 20 business days from to request a regrade of your final exam. (see Section IV: Student Academic Performance). The posting of the final exam, the solution key, and course letter grades constitutes "academic actions" by the instructor.

To make a regrade request, please send the instructor email. Upon receipt of the regrade request, he will regrade the entire exam.

Text: Physics, Cutnell and Johnson, 9th edition. The only requirement for the text is that you purchase access to the text online as a component of the online homework environment you will be using. The bookstore will NOT be carrying any hardcopies of the text. The homework part of the course comes through WebAssign, a large operation run out of North Carolina State University. WebAssign will offer a comprehensive homework facility that will be described in detail during the first class lecture. The text will be available inside the WebAssign environment as a clickable link on your WebAssign homepage. The charge for the text is $36.00 per student per semester (which you must purchase because this gives you access to the homework which you must do for the course). Payment can be made with credit card purchase or using a checking account that is linked to a Paypal account. This is explained when you first log into WebAssign. You will be given some grace period, typically two weeks, before payment must be submitted in order for you to maintain access to WebAssign. Finally, if you feel the need to have a real book in your hands to read material from the text, there are two options offered. First, the Physics Department has a number of earlier editions of the same text for your use in the department library on the 2nd floor of JFB and in the study area for Physics 2020, JFB 325. Those texts must remain in the rooms you use them. The second option is to purchase a copy of an earlier edition of the text, say the 5th, 6th, or 7th edition, from one of the online services. Depending on the edition you should be able to obtain the text for less than $10.00.

Prerequisites: PHYS 2010, MATH 1050 and 1060 (or equivalent).

Teaching Assistants and Discussion Sections

You MUST be enrolled in one of the discussion sections, section 2-11 or 13-22. The only way to enroll in Physics 2020 is through enrollment in a discussion section. You are required to attend the discussion section in which you are enrolled. Discussion sections meet both on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

TA Discussion Section Time Room
 Nick Slowey  2020-002/013  7:30-8:20 a.m.  FASB 295
 Ramneet Nagi  2020-003/014  12:55-1:45 p.m.  NS 205
 Janvida Rou  2020-004/015  9:40-10:30 a.m.  NS 205
 Janvida Rou  2020-005/016  8:35-9:25 a.m.  NS 205
 Thomas Stucky  2020-006/017  7:30-8:20 a.m.  JFB B-1
 Nick Slowey  2020-007/018  10:45-11:35 a.m.  JTB 320
 Rmaneet Nagi  2020-008/019  10:45-11:35 a.m.  JTB 120
 Thomas Stucky  2020-011/022  2:00-2:50 p.m.  NS 205

Additional Help

Additional help: Help Lab. The help lab is specialized to the course with the course TAs.

Supplemental Instruction: Nathan Briggs (, SI leader.

    Mondays, 9:40-10:30 a.m., WEB 1450
    Thursdays, 5:05-5:55 p.m., JFB B-1
    Fridays, 10:45-11:35 a.m., JFB B-1

Exam Schedule

All midterm exams are in OSH Auditorium (map) during regular class time. You must take the exam during your registered lecture time.

Midterm Exam 1 Friday, February 01
Midterm Exam 2 Friday, February 22
Midterm Exam 3 Friday, March 22
Midterm Exam 4 Friday, April 12

Final Exam:

The final exam is Friday, Apr 26, at 3:30-5:30 p.m. This is a university department scheduled final. There are no exceptions to this exam date and time. Locations: Lecture section 2020-001 (7:30 a.m..): WEB L101 (map) Lecture section 2020-012 (8:35 a.m.): WEB L104 (map)

You must take the exam with your registered lecture section. No exceptions.


Your grade in this class will the best of one of three combinations.
  1. 25% homework + 50% midterms + 25% final exam
  2. 66.67% midterms + 33.33% final exam
  3. 100% final exam


There are ~12 online homework assignments, due mostly on Tuesdays at 7:00 a.m. These will be renormalized to 120%. But your score in this part of the course will be normalized out of 100% (with 120% maximum possible), but for the final grade calculation. If your total score exceeds 100% you will receive 100%. IMPORTANT NOTE: Absolutely no late homework assignment will be accepted.

Midterm Exams

There are four midterm exams (dates listed above) consisting of 3 problems each (50 minutes). The midterm score is taken from the BEST 3 midterm exam scores. No make-up exams will be given under any circumstances.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The midterm tests are NOT by default in the usual classroom because we cannot fit that many people in staggered seating (I assume everybody likes elbow room).

Location: All midterm exams are given in the OSH Auditoriuim (map).

Allowed: Ordinary (including graphing) calculators, one 3 5 index card of formulae (both sides). Not allowed: Any electronic device with communications capabilities, any textbook, notes, or any document printed or written. An online Re-grade Request Form will be available on the course web site for the midterm tests. If you think there is a mistake in the grading you may submit your solutions you can fill out the form and hand it along with the particular problem solution to your discussion TA for re-grade before the next exam. Note that we may give you a lower score. If we find that you had made alterations to your test paper you will be charged with cheating. Beware that we randomly scan exam papers for comparison.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: You may write your answers and solutions in either pencil or pen (black or blue ONLY). However, only solutions in pen are eligible for re-grade.

Final Exam

The final is Friday, Apr 26 at 3:30-5:30 p.m. Locations: Lecture section 2020-001 (7:30 a.m..): WEB L101 (map) Lecture section 2020-012 (8:35 a.m.): WEB L104 (map). This is a University departmental scheduled exam with separate scheduling from the usual exam schedule at . At the bottom of that page you will see that the final exam will be on:

Friday, Apr 26 3:30 5:30 p.m.

The same rules for the midterms apply to the Final exam, EXCEPT that instead of an index card you are allowed one 8.5 11 formula sheet (both sides). The final exams will not be returned to you, but you may ask the instructor to see it up to one month after the grade for the class is posted per University policy. NOTE: Locations for the final exam cannot be scheduled until after the second week of classes. The locations will announced as soon as they are scheduled.

Grading Scale

The usual class average traditionally varies between a C+ and B.

Important Dates

Last day to add classes without a permission doe is Sunday, January 13.
Last day to drop (delete) classes is Wednesday, January 16.
Last day to add classes is Tuesday, January 22.
Last day to elect CR/NC options is Tuesday, January 22.
Last day to withdraw from term length classes is Friday, March 1.
Last day to reverse CR/NC option is Friday, April 19.
Last day of classes is Wednesday, April 24

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is now university policy that your courses will be irrevocably DROPPED if tuition is not paid on time!
Here is the entire Spring 2013 Academic Calendar.


Monday, January 21 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday, February 18 - Presidents' Day
Sunday-Sunday, March 10-17 - Spring Break

Students with Disabilities

The University of Utah provides equal access to its programs, services and activities for people with disabilities. If you need accommodations in this course, contact the Center for Disability Services, 162 Olpin Union Bldg, 581-5020 (V/TDD) to make arrangements for accommodations.

Academic Integrity

The policy on academic integrity (Student Behavior Code) can be found on the University web site at The student is responsible for reading and understanding this policy. In this class the Student Behavior Code will be strictly followed.

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