Physics 2220 - Spring 2019

Physics 2220 - Physics for Scientists and Engineers II
Eugene Mishchenko

Course Information

Instructor: Eugene Mishchenko
     216 JFB
     Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 3:00-4:30 p.m.
     Contact him at

Course Administrator: Mary Ann Woolf
     205 JFB
     Contact her at

Section 01:   M W, 11:50-1:10 p.m.; Room 103 JFB (Lecture 1) - map
Section 12:   M W, 1:25-2:45 p.m.; Room 103 JFB (Lecture 2) - map

Prerequisites: PHYCS 2210, Math 1110, Math 1220

WebAssign and Textook

The homework assignments will be from the textbook "Physics for Scientists and Engineers" by Serway and Jewett, 9thedition, and will be handled online through WebAssign. The assignments are accessed by each student when they enter the WebAssign website ( at a cost of $100 for both the homework and ebook. The homework is required for the semester. Students are responsible for their own WebAssign access on-line. If you would also like a hardcopy of the textbook, inexpensive used copies of the 6th, 7th, or even 8th edition can be bought from or eBay.

Discussion Sections and Teaching Assistants

TA Discussion Section Time Room
 Ash Aishwarya  2220-002/012  7:30-8:20 a.m.  JFB 325
 Heshan Hewa  2220-003/013  8:35-9:25 a.m.  JFB 325
 Heshan Hewa  2220-004/014  9:40-10:30 a.m.  JFB 325
 Philip Beltracchi  2220-005/015  9:40-10:30 a.m.  ST 205
 David Ohlson  2220-006/016  10:45-11:35 a.m.  CSC 10-12
 Philip Beltracchi  2220-007/017  10:45-11:35 a.m.  ST 208
 Ren-Bo Wang  2220-008/018  12:55-1:45 p.m.  JFB 325
 Alec Lovlein  2220-009/019  12:55-1:45 p.m.  ARCH 228
 Ren-Bo Wang  2220-010/020  2:00-2:50 p.m.  JFB 325


Homework is due on Mondays at 11:45 am (Tuesday if Monday falls on a holiday); there will be no homework due the week immediately after a midterm.

Homework assignments and grading are provided by WebAssign. You will complete all homework assignments over the web and receive immediate feedback (grade). For most problems, you will be given up to five opportunities to enter the correct answer. During exams, however, you will be required to present full solutions (see the Exams section below) on your first and only attempt. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you work out all homework problems as if it were exam problems. You should then compare your solutions with the solutions provided by the Teaching Assistants, which will be available after the due date through the WebAssign.


You are allowed to bring to each midterm one (and only one) 3 5 file card with whatever information on both sides thatyou wish. You are allowed two (and only two) 3 5 cards for the final exam. Bringing or using any other material, except a hand calculator, is cheating. You need to know your TA's name and your discussion section number at the exams. You need to bring a student picture ID to all exams. Any dispute over the grading of an exam must be brought to my attention BEFORE the next exam. The mechanism will be explained in class.

All midterm exams (see dates on schedule below) are during the regular class times and will be in FMAB (Film and Media Arts Bldg).

The final exam is Monday, april 29, 3:30 5:30 p.m.. This is a University scheduled exam time. THERE WILL BE NO EARLY FINAL EXAMS!

Discussion Sections

Tuesday and Thursday classes are an important part of the learning process. Discussions are facilitated by graduate Teaching Assistants and undergraduate Learning Assistants. Problems are assigned for each class for group discussions during the class. These problems complement and further the concepts that you learn during lectures and work out in your homework assignments. It will not be uncommon for the discussion problems to be more challenging than your homework problems. You should aim to master both, as both pools of problems will be used to illustrate ideas that will be tested during exams. A significant number of points (14% of the total) will be given for discussion assignment.


100 homework points: 10 high-score homework (out of 11), 10 points each
100 midterm exam points: 2 high-score midterm exams (out of 3), 50 points each
50 points for discussion assignments
100 final exam points
Total: 350 points

Make-up exams/assignments only for legitimate reasons: emergency (documented), university-approved travel, etc.; tests can be taken ahead of time in case of significant personal reasons (travel, conflict with work schedule, etc.).


To get full credit for a problem you must

1) demonstrate understanding of the subject matter by identifying the relevant physical laws
2) present a correct mathematical formulation of these laws
3) describe all steps in the solution with clear and correct explanations
4) find a solution in an algebraic form
5) obtain a numerical answer
6) assess the reasonableness of the obtained solution

Remember that you are scoring points as long as you are progressing along a logical and correct path to the solution; a mistake in the algebra only reduces the score. Most importantly, show your reasoning.

All midterm exams are scheduled for your registered lecture time (i.e., 11:50 or 1:25) in FMAB (map.

Final Exam: The final exam is Monday, April 29, 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. This is a University scheduled exam time. THERE WILL BE NO EARLY FINAL EXAMS!

Exam 1 Wednesday, January 30
Exam 2 Wednesday, February 27
Exam 3 Wednesday, April 3

Final Exam

Monday, April 29, 3:30-05:30 p.m.
Lecture section 2220-001 (11:50 a.m.): 2008 HEB (map)
Lecture section 2220-021 (1:25 p.m.): 2004 HEB (map)

Important Dates

Last day to register without a permission code, Friday, January 11.
Last day to drop (delete) classes with no tuition penalty, Friday, January 18.
Last day to add classes is Friday, January 18.
Last day to elect CR/NC options is Friday, January 18.
Last day to withdraw from term length classes is Friday, March 8.
NOTE: It is now university policy that your courses will be irrevocably DROPPED if tuition is not paid on time!
Here is the entire Spring 2019 Academic Calendar.


Monday, January 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday
Monday, February 18 Presidents' Day Holiday
Sunday-Sunday, March 10-17 Spring Break

Students with Disabilities

The University of Utah provides equal access to its programs, services and activities for people with disabilities. If you need accommodations in this course, contact the Center for Disability Services, 162 Olpin Union Bldg, 581-5020 (V/TDD) to make arrangements for accommodations.