Yue Zhao portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy
☏ Phone: (732) 763-7931
☖ Main Website: www.physics.utah.edu/~zhaoyue

Research Summary

Dr. Zhao's research interests are in the area of high energy phenomenology with a focus on new physics beyond the standard model (SM). He has been working on several different methods in order to explore new physics. First, he is very interested in developing novel experimental ideas for physics beyond SM, including utilizing recent advances in precision measurement techniques. Moreover, he has a strong interest in high energy collider phenomenology, particularly TeV-scale physics which can be probed by the LHC. He is also very interested in exploring the possibility of extending the purposes of existing experiments, such as the DUNE at Fermilab or other neutrino experiments, in order to look for new physics. At last, the new field of gravitational wave astronomy is particularly exciting, and studying new physics through gravitational wave will be one of his main focuses in the future.


  • PhD, High Energy Physics, Rutgers University. (2012)